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Ordinary Resume won't impress anyone in 2016... A group of our specialists is working hard to bring you the best resume templates in the Internet! With our Resume Builder you will easily outmatch other job seekers and show your unique personality! 

Resume templates shown below, were created in cooperation of graphic designers and Human Resources specialists  
therefore you can be sure it is the best choice for you!

An online resume builder is the best way for you to create a job-winning resume!
Each resume example has its own 8 unique color palettes. 
Furthermore in every resume template you can customize fonts, section placement, icons, and your skill level.



Resume Builder Resume Template Clariss
This resume example is really clean. It fits almost every job and it looks simple yet elegant. The universal character of the Clariss Resume template allows for using it while applying for various positions. We recommend you check all the color compositions of Clariss.
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Free Resume Builder Free Resume Maker
As the name of the resume example shows, Classic is 100% traditional and professional. You can use it when you are sure that you don't need to show your creativity. Check it our in our Resume Builder!
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resume template classic Resume Example
The Echo Resume Template is simple if not even classic in character, and has been designed for individuals who do not like excess in their Resumes. The discussed scheme is undoubtedly elegant and professional in nature. It ensures the presentation of one’s achievements in a transparent and alluring manner. Therefore, it will surely draw the attention of recruitment experts. 
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Resume Sample Resume Template Glory
Glory is one of the classic resume templates. It combines fresh color palettes with stylish graphics. This Resume will win you a job interview in no time! Give it a try!
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Resume Builder Resume Builder
Modern is a little bit graphically enriched Resume template. Thanks to the combination of tradition and modern design, the Resume Modern will be suitable for individuals looking for a job in a creative branch of industry, as well as for other specialists.
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Resume Sample Moon Resume Template Moon
We designed the MOON Resume sample for more elegant but interesting style. Customize your colors to match your personality and you are ready to take over the world!
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Free Resume Template Free Resume Maker Orb
You need a simple and clean Resume? You are not looking for a job in the creative industries? ORB just might be the thing for you! It is one of our FREE Resume samples - you can get your hands on it right away!
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Free Resume Template Resume Builder
The Resume Sand scheme has been created for individuals with a traditional approach to professional matters, who would also like to try new color scheme-based choices. It will be simply perfect for looking for a job in a properly known branch of industry. 
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Resume Builder Creative Resume
Smart is a Resume template aimed at individuals who have just started their professional career. It is characterized by a simple, traditional design, which still presents data on the applicant clearly and comprehensibly. 
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Resume Example Solid Resume Templates
SOLID is a professional Resume template that can be used for more official job interviews. The light gray boxes add style to the elegant composition. Pick SOLID if you want to make a good impression on the recruiter.
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Creative Resume Modern Resume Template
Thresh is the Resume example that sets the new standards. The creativity combined with the traditional composition makes it really attractive. Check all the colors on our Resume Maker!
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Creative Resume Tiamat Resume Template
Tiamat is the best example of simple graphic and profesional color palettes composition. Small details like thin lines that mach the headers color will make a good impression on the recruiter. Use TIAMAT to increase your chance for a job interview.
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Creative Resume Resume Sample
Trace Resume template has been designed for people, who are self-confident and have traits that should be highlighted. The Trace scheme has been created in such a way to show a prospective employer the strong sides of a given candidate. 
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Resume Template Resume Example
Cool and fresh, that's what the Whisper is all about. Pick this Resume sample and create a overwhelming impression. Get noticed using the wide range of icons and colors! Create whisper in our Resume Builder!
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Creative Resume Resume Builder
The crooked style header and footer is a unique graphic feature. Banshee will be a perfect choice for professional and creative job offers. Customize your color palette to mach your personal needs. This Resume example can gather some important phone calls for you!
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Resume Maker Resume Samples
Black Cleaver is smart and solid work of art. All the information in this Resume template is shown very easy and precisely. Let your new employer enjoy reading your Resume. Use different colors to make the Black Cleaver less black!
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Creative Resume Template Creative Resume Examples
The Resume Drop has been introduced with individuals willing to present their application in a creative yet orderly manner in mind. Thanks to the intriguing, innovative color pallet of the template in question, it will surely not be skipped or forgotten about in the recruitment process. 
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Resume Template Creative Resume
May the Force be with You! Inspire them to call you back. Force is the most creative resume template you can get. 8 modern color compositions make it one of a kind. You can find it on our Resume Builder, try it out and you will get the job interview for sure!
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Creative Resume Resume Example
The point of focus in the case of the Resume Ghost template is predominantly the clear presentation of basic pieces of information on the candidate. The seemingly classic Resume is backed by a modern form of the document, so it will surely be distinctive and noticed among other applications provided. 
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Resume Templates Resume Templates
Gral is a clean Resume example with some interesting graphic features. Headers of the data sections are in light gray boxes, wich is a simple way to make this Resume easier to read. User friendly interface will help you fill it with your text and you are ready to go!
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Resume Example Resume Templates
If you are looking for a unique, modem, and dynamically-looking Resume, theIcebornscheme will be just perfect for you. It will undoubtedly stand out from the crowd of other Resumes Its unusual layout and intriguing use of colors will quickly and efficiently draw the attention of the recipient. The discussed template makes it possible to present vital pieces of information in a transparent and easily understandable manner. 
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Creative Resume Resume Generator
Iris is an easy way to show your professionalism. The design is very clear and it has small graphic additives. Iris i a perfect resume template for ones who want to emphasize their qualities.
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Resume Template Karma Resume Template
Karma Resume sample is a great way to show your unique personality. Just pick one of our colour compositions to change Karma’s character. Pick the Expert Black if you are looking for more official job, and try Dark Magenta if you can be more creative.
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Resume Template creative resume templates
It should not surprise anyone that one has to make a good impression at the verybeginning of one’s struggle to get the job of one’s dreams. This template has been designed with individuals not willing to opt for standard solutions and recurring motifs in mind. The  Resume Legacy template has been designed for people trying to avoid ordinary and dull solutions, as well as willing to make their dreams come true and share their optimistic attitude with others. 
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Resume Sample Resume Templates
Slice your competition with our Machete. The main feature is the crooked text. Reading this Resume makes you bend your head and every interaction is a good psychical effect on the reader! If you want your Resume to look futuristic, try it out using our Resume Maker.
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Creative Resume Master Resume Builder
Become a Master of the situation! This Resume example is just what you need. It fits most of job offers and looks stunning. Stand out with our creative Resume and build your better future.
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Creative Resume Oracle Creative Resume Builder
Fresh colors and stylish headers are tha main features of the ORACLE Resume template. It was designed to astonish the recruiter and stand out from the crowd. We recommend using this Resume for more creative industry. Pick this Resume sample if you are ready to find your dream job!
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Modern Resume Resume Template Pandora
Pandora is one of our most creative designs. Unlike Pandora's box it opens whole lot of good possibilities. Try out the color options to make it shine even more. Present yourself as a creative and courageous candidate to maximize the chance for a job interview.
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Creative Resume Builder Free Resume Generator
We love this Resume template! Probe is designed for those who are confident and outgoing. The available color compositions makes it fit to all jobs in the world! Get it now in the Resume Builder!
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creative resume Resume Samples
Proxy stands out from the crowd of same-old same-old Resumes. Said template is characteristic due to its transparency and cleanness, thanks to which all key pieces of information are highlighted and easily visible for the recruitment expert. It nicely combines elegance with full professionalism. 
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Resume Example Resume Builder
Queen is an elegant and modern Resume Design. Resume Queen has been designed for creative, forward-looking people applying for job positions where orderly behavior, being outspoken, professional, and creative are all vital traits. The template is intriguing and will surely draw the attention of the recruitment expert.
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Resume Template Resume Example
The Resume Raven template has been designed with all the individuals willing to combine modern approach with traditional solutions in mind. This scheme is just perfect for them, as it combines conservative layout (horizontal lines) with numerous unusual, futuristic elements. Yet another advantage of the Raven scheme is its universality – it can be utilized while applying for various positions. 
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Resume Template Creative Resume
Resume Rush template has been created for modern employees looking for creative branches strictly connected with the use of modern technologies (which can apply for advertising as well). Our Resume template is original and alluring. It will surely make notably easier for the applicant to get the job of his or her dreams. 
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Free Resume Maker Resume Template
Looking at Shen Resume example is like looking at a temple. Straight lines and sharp edges tells the reader that you are a solid professional. Try out the Resume Builder and use Shen to increase your chance of getting the job interview you always dreamed of!
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Resume Example Snap Resume Examples
Snap is a great Resume for people who appreciate style and simple form. The color field to the right is enhancing the visuability of important data - so the recruiter wont miss a thing!
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Resume Template Resume Sample
Simple lines are always trendy in the business world. Zeal offers an interesting form of square elements. The icon decorations will certainly gather attention, and the perfect data distribution is Zeal’s big avantage.
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