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Rush will make a positive impression on your prospective employer. Say no to traditional solutions. If you look for a creative and well-paid job, you should take advantage of this scheme to draw the attention of a recruitment expert to you and your skills.   
Rush is a Resume template that:   

 1. Will surprise you with its unique style – the omnipresence of color rather than plain white background isan innovative approach to Resume designing. If you add texts written in white letters to it, your final outcome will be an alluring combination of color and content transparency.   

 2. Will neatly highlight your skills and abilities – they will be the ones drawing recipient’s attention!   

 3. Will be considered mysterious – an one-of-a-kind Resume always attracts a prospective employer. He or she will surely assume that if you managed to create such a masterpiece, you have to be a unique person. 
Transparent and aesthetic look
Creative and innovative design
Stand out from the crowd of other documents of said kind


Rush is obviously not the only Resume scheme we have to offer. We would like to encourage you to browse the entire gallery available on our website.  
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