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Smart will surely be appreciated for its simplicity, as well as for the conservative approach to information presentation. Data included in Resume are juxtaposed with a white background, thanks to which they can be easily read and browsed through. There are no complex graphic motifs which would disrupt the composition of the document.                        
Smart is a Resume template which...   

1. Amazes with its color options – it will surprise recruitment experts accustomed to typical „black-and-white” applications sent by candidates. Our user can always choose a color palette basing on his or her personal preferences.   

 2. Is suitable for every employee - mainly due to its standard layout.   

 3. Allows for the maximization of content presentation – it is possible thanks to horizontal line-based design, making it possible to provide numerous intriguing pieces of information within your Resume.  
Properly chosen colors ensure transparency
Suitable for virtually every candidate


Smart is obviously not the only CV scheme we have to offer. We would like to encourage you to browse the entire gallery available on our website.  
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Resume Template

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