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The presented Resume template breaks conventions with its color pattern and arrangement. It is bold, vivid, and clearly indicates that the candidate is not only self-confident, but also – innovation-oriented and intriguing. By choosing the Resume Probe, you can be sure that your document will not be lost in the ocean of similar ones. 

The transparent layout decorated by means of utilization of unique color scheme makes it possible to present information professionally and systematically while at the same maintaining unusual look. 

Add a cover letter to the Probe template and create a set that will strike the recipient with its integrity. Choose the color scheme that will be most suitable for the position you apply for. 
 Ideal for individuals who can send an unusual Resume
Thanks to the two-module design, the content is more transparent 
Resume template perfect for individuals starting their adventure with creative branches of industry


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The Resume Probe template is especially recommended to individuals willing to start their adventure with marketing, graphic design, and IT.
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