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Yet another advantage of Trace is an intriguing graphic interface. It may seem simple and predictable (or modest) at least, but thanks to the introduction of frames, such an aesthetic choice may become its major forte. It is the best choice for individuals willing to distinguish themselves from others.   

 Trace is a template which:   

 1. Fully highlights the advantages of a potential employee – a recruitment expert will immediately know much about the candidate and will be able to quickly check its compatibility with the set profile.   

 2. Is modest – it lacks complex graphic motifs. Nevertheless, said simplicity is not a disadvantage but rather a benefit, as it allows for including a comprehensive content.   

 3. Will be suitable for almost any applicant. Each and every one of us would like to highlight his or her distinctive traits, especially when it comes to the professional context.
Properly chosen colors ensuring high efficiency 
Perfect for almost every candidate
Elegant and professional CV template


Trance is obviously not the only CV scheme we have to offer. We would like to encourage you to browse the entire gallery available on our website.  
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