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Resume Queen is characterized by an alluring color palette that is available in several variations. We would like to recommend Resume templates, in the case of which the contrast between dark colors and bright background is the most visible.   
Queen –it is a Resume template that   

 1. Perfectly orders particular Resume elements and information on them. You will not need to fret that you will overwhelm the reader with the excess of information.   

 2. Skillfully combines the image of the applicant with the content of the Resume. Thanks to the said fact, you will not only draw the attention of a recruitment expert, but will also make a positive first impression. 
 3. Is highly flexible – this Resume template grants you the opportunity of fully personalizing it. You can adjust it depending on how vast your experience or educational attainment is. The Resume Queen allows for a full customization of the content to your professional development path. 
Resume template that intrigues with its unusual design
Professional look
Properly chosen colors ensuring full transparency


Queen is obviously not the only Resume scheme we have to offer. We would like to encourage you to browse the entire gallery available on our website. 
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Resume Template

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