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Resume Proxy template is bold, as colors are of major importance in its case. They highlight mainly applicant’s photo and personal data. The image of almost the entire figure of the candidate is located in the top left corner of the document, whereas all key personal data are situated below the photo. 

Furthermore, all soft skills are on the left. They are, among others, foreign language mastery, fields of interest, or computer handling-related skills. 

 Pieces of information on education, professional experience, and additional courses or trainings are on the right side of the Resume. 
The Resume Proxy template is a perfect option for all the managers interested in a properly arranged Resume that has its own unique character. 
Resume template perfect for a person starting his or her career in a creative branch of industry
Resume characterized by one-of-a-kind design
Very transparent and comprehensible


Remember that the first impression made after checking your Resume is as important as the impression made during visiting the recruitment expert for the very first time. The difference is that if you fail to impress the recipient of your Resume, you may not be invited for a job interview. 
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Resume Template

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